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Course Outline

KNU Library&Information Science

This dapartment has been renamed from Library Department in 1974 to Library&Information Science in 1991. LIS established graduate course in 1978, and PhD course in 2000. It is developing into an institution training information experts.

Educational Goal

LIS is a department studying theories and methods regarding selection, organization, storage, and dissemination scientifically. Using traditional methods and computers, LIS has intention to train abilities to understand and utilize those skills.
LIS selects and collects the best from a lot of information and knowledge, and it organizes information systematically to use it conveniently. Also, there are multimedia-rooms where students can practice LIS.

Career Guide

Students with enough knowledge and skills will get librarian license including LIS degree and 2nd librarian license. After graduation, they can have a job such as public libraries or companies or press media.

Major Employment Institutions

- University Libraries : Seoul Univ., Yeonse Univ., Pohang Engineering Univ. 등
- Public Libraries : Daegu City Lib., Seoul City & Provincial Lib., Kyungpook Provincial Lib., National Lib., National Assembly Lib., etc.
- School Libraries : Elementary, Middle & High School Librarian teacher
- Lab Reference Library: 한국전자통신연구원, 국방과학연구소
- Broadcasting Reference Library : KBS, MBC and Christian Broadcasts
- Newspapers Finding Dept. Reporter : 중앙일보, 조선일보, 매일신문, 전자신문사
- Hospital Libraries : 삼성서울병원, 부산의료원, 영남의료원
- Document Library : Diplomatic Service, 국토교통부 등
- Company Tech. Information Library : Hyundai, LG, 동양 등
- Contents & DB Development : NAVER, iMARC, (주)오롬테크 등